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TCM Silent Film Schedule: July

The Cry of the Children: This short showing the evils of childhood labor is just powerful and shocking now as it must have been when it was released. Part of what makes it so shocking then and now is the footage of children working at a mill, which caused controversy at the time.
The Evidence of the Film: Another short, this crime film actually involves film itself. The film was considered lost until a copy was found in 1999.
Petticoat Camp: The final short of the night is a comedy, also starring the same actor in The Evidence of the Film.

The Toll of the Sea: For those that love their film history, this film is a must see. This is only the second ever Technicolor feature, and the first that didn’t require a special projector. Early Technicolor films are always interesting to watch.

Grandma’s Boy: Just Harold Lloyd’s second feature film, this was also longer than his first feature. One of the first to jump into comedy features, Lloyd was revolutionary. Plus, it’s a funny film.
For Heaven’s Sake: A later Lloyd silent feature, this one ended up being one of his biggest hits. While most of Lloyd’s films were wildly successful, this one ended up one of the most profitable silent films.

Metropolis: What more can be said about this classic? Make plans to see it if you haven’t yet.
Spione: Also directed by Fritz Lang, this is another sprawling film that must be seen to be believed. This was the second to last silent film Lang would make.

The Phantom Carriage: This film has been reviewed on the site before, but it bears repeating again: few films are as haunting as this one. Death and sin are handled extraordinarily in this haunting film.


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