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TCM Silent Film Schedule: May

Thanks to two nights of silent comedy shorts, TCM will be featuring a lot of silent films this month. With so many shorts on two of the nights, just the stars will be listed for those films. It’s a wide array, covering many of the top funny people of the silent screen.

The Rounders (1914): Roscoe Arbuckle, Charles Chaplin
Leading Lizzie Astray (1914): Roscoe Arbuckle
Barney Oldfield’s Race of a Life (1913): Barney Oldfield, Mabel Normand
The Curtain Pole (1909): Mack Sennett
The Knockout (1904): Roscoe Arbuckle, Charles Chaplin
Ambrose’s First Falsehood (1914): Mack Swain
Hash House Mashers (1915): Charley Chase
On His Wedding Day (1913) Ford Sterling
Recreation (1914) Charles Chaplin
The Speed Kings (1913): Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling

Miss Mend (1926) You may want to pack a lunch for this one. Originally created in three parts, this Soviet spy film runs around four hours long.

Modern Times (1936): If you haven’t seen this one by now, it must be seen when it airs. Chaplin’s final silent film is not only perhaps his best, but one of the greatest films of all time.

Double Whoopee (1929): Jean Harlow
Big Business (1929): James Finlayson
You’re Darn Tootin’ (1928): Stan Laurel
Do Detectives Think? (1927): Laurel and Hardy

The Coward (1915) A Civil War film that helped launch the career of Charles Ray, it portrays the war from a different, more reluctant perspective.

The Big Parade (1925) Another war film from a more realistic perspective, this film was a smash hit. And it’s easy to see why: John Gilbert and Renée Adorée star, while King Vidor directs.


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