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TCM Silent Film Schedule: March

With 31 Days of Oscars over, there are more silent films back on TCM again. There still aren’t many this month, though, as one Sunday is taken up entirely by Disney cartoons. Still, there are many good films this month: Harold Lloyd shorts, a lesser known Mary Pickford film and a Lon Chaney classic.

Get Out and Get Under (1920): This is one of Harold Lloyd’s later shorts, made one year prior to his switch to features. He stars alongside future wife Mildred Davis here, and Hal Roach directs.
High and Dizzy (1920): Lloyd heads on familiar ground with this short. Much like in the later Dr. Jack, he portrays a doctor. The film also makes use of the high suspense moments Lloyd would become known for.
I Do: The second to last Lloyd short to be released, this was actually set to be longer. After some bad reviews, the film was cut in length from around 45 minutes to 25 minutes.
From Hand to Mouth: Like all the other Lloyd shorts airing, this one also co-stars Mildred Davis. Also notable in this one is an appearance for silent comedy star Snub Pollard.

The Hoodlum (1919): Mary Pickford isn’t someone you’d expect to star in a film with a gangster-like title. While this is a bit of a different film for her, she does still play a rich girl younger than her actual years. This time, she’s lured into a world of crime in this interesting film.

Spring Fever (1927): Later remade with Robert Montgomery and Dorothy Jordan, William Haines and Joan Crawford star in this version. It’s a romantic comedy involving Haines passing himself off as an expert golfer to impress Crawford.

The Penalty (1920): This crime film is considered to be one of the films that helped Lon Chaney breakout as a star. Charged with playing an amputee, Chaney used painful apparatuses that tied his legs back, something which doctors advised against.


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