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The Academy Award Records That Could Be Set Tonight

Every year, there is the potential for new superlatives or records to be set at the Academy Awards. This year, there are not many possibilities, but let’s take a look at the few records that could be set, or changed:

  • A Best Supporting Actress award for Meryl Streep would tie her with Katherine Hepburn for most overall acting awards at 4. All of Hepburn’s wins were for Best Actress. Currently, Streep holds one Best Supporting Actress title.
  • A win for Robert Duvall (The Judge) in Best Supporting Actor could make him the oldest person to win not only that award, but all competitive awards (see below). Currently, Christopher Plummer holds both records when he won at the age of 82. Duvall is 84.
  • Also 84, and slightly older than Duvall, is Clint Eastwood. As producer of American Sniper, that film winning Best Picture would make him the oldest overall Oscar winner, regardless of whether or not Duvall wins.
  • A Best Actor win for Michael Keaton would make him the second oldest person to ever win the award. At 63, he would be just older than John Wayne at the time he won for True Grit. Henry Fonda will remain the oldest winner.
  • Emmanuel Lubezki (Birdman), who took home Best Cinematography last year for Gravity, would become just the second person to win the award in back-to-back years.
  • In Best Foreign Language Film, a win for Ida (Poland), Tangerines (Estonia) or Timbuktu (Mauritania) would be the first win for a film from those countries.

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