TCM Silent Film Schedule: January

Moran of the Lady Letty: Rudolph Valentino teams up with director George Melford, their second pairing after the success of The Sheik. Valentino only plays a supporting role, though. Dorothy Dalton stars as the title character, only a couple of years away from her retirement from the screen.
Stolen Moments: Another Valentino film, this one was released just before his rise to superstardom. Cashing on his success, a shortened version that more prominently featured Valentino was released. Only that shorter version survives now.

Metropolis: Fritz Lang’s classic has earned the reputation as one of the greatest silent films, and this most certainly is. A landmark film in the science fiction drama, it is visually stunning enough to grip any film fan.

Oliver Twist: This was the second film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ famous novel (with many more to follow). Jackie Coogan, at the height of his fame as a child actor, plays the title character, opposite Lon Chaney.

The Great Train Robbery: From a historical standpoint, this 1903 short film is very important. Although not the very first to use several film techniques, it is still the some of the earliest uses of such things as cross cutting. The final shot has become legendary for it’s uniqueness, especially at the time.

Our Hospitality: Buster Keaton’s third feature finds himself with a prop he’d make greater use of later: the train. As with The General, the film takes place in the century prior. Keaton plays opposite then-wife Natalie Talmadge in a satire of the Hatfields and McCoys.

Feu Mathias Pascal: This French film was the first adaptation of the novel The Late Mattia Pascal, written by Nobel Prize winning author Luigi Pirandello.