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TCM Silent Film Schedule: October

The Blot: This is one of the more interesting “message” films of the period, tackling poverty. Realism is the draw here: not only was it filmed at real locations, but many of the actors were not professionals. Lois Weber wrote, produced and directed it.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed: Unusual for its time, this is an animated German film. In fact, it’s the earliest surviving animated feature.

The Boy Friend: This Hal Roach comedy is directed by Fred Guiol, who is best known for working with Laurel and Hardy.
Charley My Boy!: This short stars Charley Chase, an incredibly prolific actor and director in the silent era.
Long Pants
Just A Good Guy: Another Roach short, this one stars vaudeville actor Arthur Stone.
Jailed and Bailed: This short stars James Parrott. Parrott, the brother of Chase, was another prolific silent comedy star who worked with Laurel and Hardy.

The Vanishing American: Another message film, this one tackles the unfair treatment of Native Americans in America. Richard Dix, the star, would also play a Native American in Redskin.

The Temptress: This is an early Greta Garbo film, her second for MGM. Strangely, theaters at the time were given a choice between either a happy or sad ending.
Our Modern Maidens: This is Joan Crawford’s final silent role, and one of many times she played a flapper. The film includes synchronized sound.

Kean: Based on a play by Alexandre Dumas, the film was made in France but has a Russian director and cast.

The Monster: Lon Chaney stars in this one as a mad doctor. Director Roland West is well known for his steady stream of horror films in the silent era.

Nosferatu: Actually an unauthorized adaptation of Dracula, this remains maybe the most famous silent horror film. It is best known for one distinctive image:

London After Midnight: London After Midnight is one of the most sought after lost films, and with good reason. It features a combination bound to create creepiness: Tod Browning as director and Lon Chaney as the star. And yet, it still remains lost. What TCM will be airing is an authorized reproduction of the film. It uses production stills from the film, along with information obtained from the script.<


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  1. I’ll admit, silent movies aren’t my most favorite, but I saw The Adventures of Prince Achmed once and was spellbound. I haven’t seen a movie like that before or since.

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