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Factoids and Interesting Oscar Facts: 36th-40th

-Sidney Poitier became the first African American to win Best Actor.
-This was not a year of many repeat winners. Only three films won more than one award, and no film won more than four.

-This is the only year where three films received at least 12 nominations: Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady and Becket.
-Despite it’s 12 nominations, Becket only took home one award: Best Adapted Screenplay.
-All four acting awards were won by non-Americans, a record.

-The best documentary short To Be Alive! is unique in that it required being shown on three separate screens at once. It was only ever screened in two different locations, and has never been released on video.

-Not only was Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? the only film to be nominated for every category it was eligible, but it is also the only film where every credited actor was nominated.
The War Game, which won Best Feature Documentary was made for broadcast in England but was pulled for being too violent. It would not be shown again on British TV for 20 years.

-Previously, there were separate categories for Art Direction, Costume Design and Cinematography for color and black and white. This was the first year where the two categories were merged into one.
The Graduate is the last film to win Best Director, but no other awards.


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