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Factoids and Interesting Oscar Facts: 31st-35th

Gigi dominated this year, breaking records. It’s nine wins was both a record at the time for wins, as well as a new record for a clean sweep.
-And yet, with those nine wins, there were no nominations in any acting category.

-The record of nine wins was broken already, with Ben-Hur winning 11 awards. Other movies have tied that number, but it has not been surpassed yet.
-Buster Keaton was presented with an honorary Oscar. He never received a competitive Oscar nomination, as the highest point of his career was prior to the Academy Awards beginning.

-Billy Wilder had a big year with The Apartment. In the final year he would win competitive Oscars, he took home Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. His eight total Best Director nominations are second most all time.
-This was the fifth and final time Alfred Hitchcock was nominated for an Oscar (for Psycho). It was yet another loss, the same as the previous four times.

West Side Story and Judgment at Nuremberg each received 11 nominations. While the former ran the table and won ten awards, the latter only won two.
Ersatz, a Yugoslavian film, was the first foreign film to win the best cartoon short category.

-Although Victor Buono had appeared in TV shows and two films parts, he received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his first credited role (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?).
-Bette Davis also received a nomination for her role in the film, her final time nominated. She still ranks third all time for most Best Actress nominations.


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