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Factoids and Interesting Oscar Facts: 21st-25th

This latest entry includes records being, firsts and the final time some all time great actors would be nominated.

-Jane Wyman, playing a deaf mute in Johnny Belinda, became only the second woman ever to win Best Actress in a non-speaking role. The only time previous in the first year of the awards, when a silent film won.
-Although Johnny Belinda racked up an impressive twelve nominations, Wyman’s win was the only award the film took home.
-Not only was Laurence Olivier the first person to be nominated for both Best Director and Best Actor for the same film, he also produced Hamlet as well. The film took home two of the three: Best Picture and Best Actor.
-This marked the final time both Barbara Stanwyck and Irene Dunne would be nominated for competitive Oscars. Neither one ever won.
-Best Costume Design was introduced this year.

-This was one of only two times John Wayne was nominated for Best Actor. It would take 20 more years until his second nomination (and only win).

All About Eve ran the table, setting a new record with 14 nominations, winning six total.
-This included the unusual feat of having two different nominees for Best Actress. The award went to Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday.
Sunset Boulevard is, to date, the last (and one of only two) films to have nominations in all four acting categories with no wins.

A Streetcar Named Desire was nominated in all four acting categories and won three of them, all except Best Actor.
An American In Paris became only the second color film to win Best Picture.

The Bad and the Beautiful set a record that still holds today: most wins without a Best Picture nomination. It won five awards total, the most that year.
Singin’ in the Rain was only nominated for two categories, Best Original Score and Best Supporting Actress, winning neither.
-John Ford won his fourth Best Director award, a record that still stands. Only two others have even won three times: William Wyler and Frank Capra.


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